Activities and recommendations

Experience the Lake Idro in 360 °

Boat tour

Recently inaugurated is the new hydra boat with 120 seats. The trip from Lemprato in Crone, Vantone then Anfo, Vesta, Baitoni and Ponte Caffaro and back takes about 2 hours.

Walking and Cycling

Our property is surrounded by meadows and trees that frame the pedestrian and cycle path along the lake until you reach the other side. The path is also suitable for children who can run around safely by bicycle without the dangers of traffic and can have fun discovering the wildlife that inhabits Lake Idro visiting the nearby habitat, which contains many species of birds and fish.

Fishing and Nature

In order to fish in Lake Idro it is sufficient to obtain a valid fishing license for the Lombardy Region, which you can get at any Post Office for a few euros, this way you get a “tourist” license which is valid for 2 months .

The fish found in the lake are perch, pike, chub, eels, and bleak.

Sport activities

Numerous sporting activities can be practised in the lake such as wind-surfing, sailing and canoeing, while only the northern part of the lake at Ponte Caffaro is dedicated to the Kite-Surf lovers.

Crossing the river that runs along Al Pescatore you can “take a jump” in Trentino, where a paragliding school is located in Baitoni.